About Princess Festival

Princess Festival characters, although each unique, are good friends. They are like normal children…. some smart and analytical…. some lazy and trying to always find an easy way out. But whent he chips are down they become amazing and demonstrate that you should never give up. Better than Super Heros…and they LOVE adventures.

What is the Princess Festival?

 Tickets are required for participating Children ages 3 +    Adults, older children (Teenagers) and children under 36 months are free.  The show is designed for boys and girls ages 3-10.  Children come in Princess or superhero related costume because they are all part of the adventures.  NOTE:  Elective light use of Squirt guns will be used in the skirmish with pirates  near the end of the show.  Bubble blowing is also part of the show in the activity with the 

This is the original trademarked PRINCESS FESTIVAL that started in 2006 and then played at Thanksgiving Point for 3 years.  Grew and grew and was performing in 6 cities in two states in 2014.

Now at the University Place in Orem.

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Over 30 fully costumed volunteer actors are on the set at all times acting out, in character, a very carefully scripted adventure for the girls to participate in. For example, after check-in at their scheduled time they are whisked away in a small group by Alice and the Mad Hatter (or similiar public domain characters) for a 15 -20 minute adventure athte first station. At the end of that adventure they are escorted by the characters to the next adventure (in all, 60 -90 minutes of participation in stories and adventures, one after the other).. Along the way there are side shows and characters to watch and engage with like Princess and the Pea, and others.  Parents are invited to tag along, take pictures and enjoy watching their children in full Princess Play. 

This production is similar to popular theme parks but without long lines and theme park prices. 

100 volunteers participate to produce Princess Festival each year.

NEW Princesses

Expertly designed and created Princess Festival  characters are in fully play each year.  They share time with classic Princesses to teach a much more engaging approach of how to be a REAL Princess. Each young Princess Festival Princess character is caught up in the struggle of a serious tragedy like a flood, earthquake, and other natural disasters that affect children too.  Issues that they face also include bigotry, loss of a loved one,  and abuse.  The stories deal with how a young girl grapples and then applies the lessons she has learned and then “make a difference”….. like competent women in the real world do. 

The stories appropriately do NOT revolve around the concept or idea that a Princess’s ultimate goal is to “catch a man”, but rather, they are well scripted and presented to enhance the idea of a girl “Finding the Magic Within” (TM) oneself, to face challenges and to find solutions to hard problems by applying good principles and working together.

Making a Difference

Princess Festival not only presents wonderful STORIES for the girls to participate in but it also TEACHES them the concept of “How to Make a Difference”. It provides ACTUAL opportunities at the Festival and thereafter for its Princesses TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

This happens with a few representative charities at the festival teaching girls how to: tie a quilt; help families struggling with hardships from natural disasters; support service men and women; comfort victims of hardship and providing food and water to stuggling families and  people in other places in the world.

In the past, almost all net proceeds have gone to these causes and many others.  (Some of the funds are retained to produce the next year’s festival). The girls who come to the Princess Festival are preparing themselves to follow Princess Proverbs, such as, “A REAL Princess CARES about the well being of Others and gives service”.

Never heard of the Princess Festival?

Mission Statement: Our mission is to touch the hearts of young girls (and boys) and communities to empower them in acts of service, kindness, and courage through the creative engagement of imaginative characters, stories, and events. 

Vision Statement: The Princess Festival has a vision to establish a world-leading organization that promotes good values and life lessons in fun and interactive ways. We build on the work of Founders, Ron & Maurine Hatfield, to create a synergy of collaboration between our organization’s leaders, our creative talent group, our sponsors, our spokespeople, and our other partners to teach children around the world, ‘value-based’ lessons, giving them interpersonal and self-motivating tools to:

  • Identify problems in the community and in the world where they can be an agent of help and change
  • Identify possible solutions to resolve or diminish these problems
  • Empower them to act in service and kindness in reaching these goals

Our Princesses, along with other characters and stories,  create a world of wonder, magic, and inspiration to reinforce these concepts for the children to be ready to use them always.

Values that are taught will help them embody the qualities of a REAL PRINCESS including:

        Be courageous

     • Be teachable

        • Seek self-improvement

     • Be hungry for knowledge

        • Be loving and kind to others

     • Be a good, loyal friend

        • Be an enchanting light to the world through acts of service

We will continue to establish partnerships with world charities and organizations to relate our stories to real world problems, including developing third-world water supplies and the feeding, educating, and housing of so many young children who are suffering. We will continue to build a population of empowered PRINCESSES by teaching little girls who, individually and together, will transform societies, ideas, and hearts, providing relief to millions of suffering children and their families worldwide.

We will also continue to use our resources to enhance our mission and vision to become the leading world organization that celebrates the PRINCESS in EVERY LITTLE GIRL.

                 Since 2008, little girl PRINCESSES coming to the Princess Festivals have helped accomplish the following:

1. Supplied a Women’s sewing and farming co-op in rural Africa, providing employment and personal sewing and farming resources for over 30 families

2. Supplied 22 impoverished schools with large quantities of books and supplies

3. Built and help supply an Orphan Feeding Center near Lake Victoria in Africa

4. Facilitated teams of doctors bringing major surgery services to Kakamega, Kenya

5. Built dams in the rural Kibewsi district of Kenya and drilled many wells

6. Provided clothing and personal items for the extremely poor

7. Provided scholarships for orphan children to attend high school, trade school, and college

8. Provided Handmade Quilts to children escaping abuse

9. Provided facilities, donations, and fundraising venues for many charities including: Surviving Sisters, United Angels Foundation, Cranial Facial Association, Christmas Box, Bare Necessities, In Our Own Quiet Way, Utah Food and Care Coalition, Pearls with a Purpose, Clear Horizons Academy for autistic children, etc

10. Delivered tons of food to more than 10,000 people during the severe drought of 2011 in southern Kenya saving hundreds of lives from starvation

11.  Providing ongoing curriculum and other basic books to primary schools in developing countries

12.  Building toilet facilities for rapidly growing primary schools in Kenya

Stephanie as Mila
Princess Mila says "Let's Play Princess"
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