1.     What is the target age group for the Princess Festival?

The show is especially geared for boys and girls, ages 3-10


Yup, it might get warm and to help our guests keep ready for the next adventure, popsicles will be awarded for their brave participation after the Snow Queen (think “FROZEN”) adventure.

2.     Should the children come in a costume?

Yes.  They are part of the adventures with the characters.  Princess Dresses for the girls and “Guardian of the Realm” costumes for the boys (super hero or similar costume)


3.     Can we leave the children and pick them up later?

No.  A responsible adult must accompany the child throughout the show.


4.     How long does the event last?

Typically, the fun is full throttle for about 1 to 1-1/2  hours.  

5.     Do I need to sign a participation/permission agreement?

Yes.  With the purchase of your ticket you to agree to allow your child to participate in our events and to allow us to include photographs of the child for future promotion purposes.  There are other provisions in the participation agreement similar to what you will find at all major events.


6.     Are there bathrooms, food, first aid and other services at the Princess Festival?

Yes.  These are provided this year by our main sponsor, University Place.


7.     Do we need to bring extra money? 

YES… Help us produce the adventure by purchasing Dresses of our Princesses and other limited merchandise or shop at our cool Sponsor:  University Place


8.     Do adults need to pay?

Adults, children under 36 months and Teens are free with each paying child.

 Is there a discount for multiple children… nope just a generous discount code that changes?

Each child is $12.95.  Be sure to use the discount code UtahKidsClub for $5 off everyone in the group


10.What if something is not as expected?

Please ask to speak with one of the directors.  Be sure to follow the exact start times and pricing on the ticketing service.  First start time is 10 AM and the last one is 3 PM and ends at about 4:30-5.  Each group adventure is about 1 to 1-1/2 hours


11.  What comes with the registration?

Each registered child will receive a copy of one of our fantastic Princess Festival illustrated readers with an autograph section to gather autographs from the actors.  They also receive a special Princess Festival name badge with their first name written upon it.  The cast uses these badges to always address the children with their names, e.g. “Princess Andrea”, or “Prince Timmy”, etc.


12.  Refunds

We do give refunds if requested up to 30 days before the applicants scheduled event.  We also try and accommodate schedule changes as best as we can. 


13.  Water    Water    Water

      There is a limited but fun water blaster fight through a small portal protected by Hooks Pirates.  Guests may be lightly squirted and will have water blasters to squirt back with.  No chasing of the guests by the pirates or squirting outside of safe zones on each side of the portal.  Guests may choose to go around and not be in the water fight.  Also…. Mermaids will have a 17′ lagoon pool that the children may stand in to cool their feet. 

Is there water and splashing?

Yes. The children are not required to get wet but part of the culmination of the show involves  mermaids and water. Some children just talk with the mermaids, some like to get a little wet. Prepare accordingly.  (Remember that it is the beginning of SUMMER!)