1.     What is the target age group for the Princess Festival?

The show is geared for boys and girls, ages 3-10


2.     Should the children come in a costume?

Yes.  They are part of the adventures with the characters.  Princess Dresses for the girls and “Guardian of the Realm” costumes for the boys (super hero or similar costume)


3.     Can we leave the children and pick them up later?

No.  A responsible adult must accompany the child throughout the show.


4.     How long does the event last?

Typically, the fun is full throttle for about 1 ½ to 2 hours.  You may continue to enjoy the show after the BIG ADVENTURE WALK has been completed.  Some guests stay 2-3 hours.


5.     Do I need to sign a participation/permission agreement?

Yes.  We ask you to agree to allow your child to participate in our events and to allow us to include photographs of the child for future promotion purposes.  There are other provisions in the participation agreement similar to what you will find at all major events.


6.     Are there bathrooms, food, first aid and other services at the Princess Festival?

Yes.  These are provided this year by our main sponsor, University Place.


7.     Do we need to bring extra money? 

No unless you would like to purchase some of our limited merchandise or shop at University Place


8.     Do adults need to pay?

Two adults are free with each paying child.


9.     Is there a discount for multiple children?

The first child is $18 and each additional child in the group is $14 up to a total of 10 in a group


10.  Is there water and splashing?

Yes.  The children are not required to get wet but part of the culmination of the show involves a mermaid and water.  Some children just talk with the mermaid, some like to get wet.  Prepare accordingly.


11.  What comes with the registration?

Each registered child will receive a copy of the new Princess Festival booklet, “Princess Liliana tells a secret” with an autograph section to gather autographs from the actors.  They also receive a special Princess Festival name button with their first name written upon it.  The cast uses these buttons to always address the children with their names, e.g. “Princess Andrea”, or “Prince Timmy”, etc.


12.  Refunds

We do give refunds if requested before the applicants scheduled event.  We also try and accommodate schedule changes as best as we can. 


13.  Please note that there is a main performance at NOON each day that lasts for 45 minutes in the Orchard.    (This is the period that we use to give our actors a break, get a quick bite of lunch, and get ready for the second half of the day.)