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Forever Princess and Defenders of the Realm Program

Princess Festival is a wonderful event where children come to learn what it is to be More Than a Princess™. The event  is one in which girls come dressed as Princesses and boys as Defenders to learn that a True Princess/Defender is someone who serves others, solves problems, and is kind and caring. She/he looks within herself/himself to “Find the Magic Within™” in order to solve problems and face challenges. Princess Festival encourages children (and especially girls)  to be strong, self-reliant, resilient, and independent thinkers while at the same time thinking of others and accepting help from friends and family when needed.

            University Place is the venue for the 2019 Princess Festival. The Festival consists of interactive plays and adventures, service opportunities and lots of time to play Princess. Children who attend the Festival have the opportunity to interact with classic Princesses as well as our own line of Princesses.  Our mission is to empower girls and boys while at the same time providing them with a fun, exciting, interactive event.

            Over the years, service and charity have been our main areas of focus for the Festival itself and for all who participate in the Festival. The Forever Princess//Defender of the Realm program is our  program to honor those who are exemplary at giving service, face hard things with a good attitude, or simply need a special day based on economic or personal need. We are reaching out to schools and charity organizations to help us select this year’s group of Forever Princesses/Defenders. We will give to each final selection a family entrance pass to the Festival. Additionally, the gift passes will be presented in a fun and special way, depending on the desire of the school or charity. We offer our line of character-building books, special Princess appearances and other activities to schools, again, according to their desire.

            While at the Festival, Forever Princesses/Defenders are greeted and presented with a special sash to identify them as Forever Princesses/Defenders. Additionally, each girl/boy will be acknowledged in a parade at the end of the Festival session they attend. Our goal is to make the day as special and enjoyable as possible for the Forever Princess/Defender and her/his family.

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Here are comments from a few of our Forever Princess' mothers:

Gabriella is still shy but not as much. This day she still talks about the Festival. She still plays with her outfit. She still sings the Sonrisa song. AND she’s very excited to go again this year! We both are. It was such a magical experience for her. Maybe this year will do the photo shoot. She hesitated last year because of her shyness. I think she’s ready to pose in front of that camera without being talked into it! The environment that is created for this event is unlike anything I’ve ever imagined. The setting is so beautiful & magical. Gabriella is in a Girl Scout troop this year & did fabulous in the cookie booth sales. That is something she would have never done before being a Forever Princess. It helped her self esteem & opened up her personality. Thank you for the opportunity we will never forget. We will be present on the first day this year. Hope to see you again & another thank you to you! (Gabriella was chosen to be a Forever Princess to help with her extreme shyness. She would not speak at school or anywhere other than home prior to her experience with Princess Festival).


Being a part of the Forever Princess program last year was one of the most important events in my daughter’s life. She felt beautiful and accepted, in spite of being in a wheel chair. Attending the festival helped her acknowledge that she is different and that it is okay; she is still beautiful and has lots to give.

As a family, before the festival we were pretty absorbed in the daily living with our daughter’s disability. We were so focused on caring for our daughter and her needs that we had lost focus on what else we could do to serve others. The festival helped us open our eyes to the many possibilities and opportunities around us to serve and help others. Because the festival focuses on serving others it helped us to think more of ways to get involved and help serve in all areas of our life. It also helped us to see how simple doing service can be. So often we think that if we are going to make a difference that we need to do something huge, that takes a lot of time and money. The festival helped us see that it can be very easy, yet still make an impact. We loved being a part of the festival and thank them for helping us focus outside our own circumstances and look to ways we can help others.


One year later and my 6 year old daughter’s still talking about being a Forever Princess. She loved everything about her special day at the Princess Festival. Her Princess Mila dress is her favorite dress-up gown now. Not only does she look beautiful in it but it reminds her of her special day. I appreciate the Princess Festival recognizing unique princesses who have overcome obstacles in their young lives. Thank you Princess Festival for giving my daughter such a special gift    

Princess Festival is changing lives. We do everything we can to help each child who attends to feel special, welcome and have a wonderful, meaningful experience. This year, we will be providing more than $10,000 dollars worth of entrance tickets, merchandise and personal appearances to schools and charities.


Regrettably we will not be providing the Forever Princess Program in 2019