The night starts off with complimentary photographs of the pair and then onto the dance/entertainment floor.


Once all couples are in the Ballroom, our costumed dance instructors will teach a very basic dance step that the couple can easily practice and do.

Dancing and eating until the 1/2 time floor show featuring Princess Liliana and her story “Princess Liliana tells a secret”. 

More dancing with a few short interruptions as princess festival characters appear and mingle with the crowd to conclusion. 

Finally a special gift is presented to each princess as a memoir of her experience.

Booking now for the Aug 4, 6:00 to 7:30 Ball

Two Royal Ball of Everley's to be held in 2018


(When filled we will start booking for the 6 to 7:30 Ball)

“Our little girls love princesses so much that they sleep in their princess dresses until we have to go to church each Sunday and I can finally wash the dresses. We went to the last Ball and it was a dream fulfillment for our sweethearts. They loved it.” Crystie G.

"When you invite her, make it a fairytale experience."

Tribe House is located in the University Place on the north end near the Parking Structure.  Address is:   575 East University Parkway #H148; OremUT 84097; (801) 857-3626

Two Royal Ball of Everley's to be held in 2018